selectorReturns: Stringversion deprecated: 1.7, removed: 3.0

Description: A selector representing selector passed to jQuery(), if any, when creating the original set.

  • version added: 1.3selector

Note: This API has been removed in jQuery 3.0. The property was never a reliable indicator of the selector that could be used to obtain the set of elements currently contained in the jQuery set where it was a property, since subsequent traversal methods may have changed the set. Plugins that need to use a selector string within their plugin can require it as a parameter of the method. For example, a "foo" plugin could be written as $.fn.foo = function( selector, options ) { /* plugin code goes here */ };, and the person using the plugin would write $( "div.bar" ).foo( "div.bar", {dog: "bark"} ); with the "div.bar" selector repeated as the first argument of .foo().